Who We are

We are a group of film loving geeks here. Once we see a film we love, we want to know everything about how it was made, the director’s inspiration, the creative process, interviews with key players… we think you do too, that is why Fillum gives you a comprehensive platform to track your favourite directors, actor and films.

We give you everything you want to know:
the latest news and information on the film, cast, release dates, trailers, interviews, film clips, pre-release reviews and
success stories. We help producers and directors of each film tell their story across the Fillum App.When you find a director’s work you like, you can see what else they have done, and other directors like them.

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Deepthi Iyer

Founder and CEO

Email: marketing@fillum.app

Boston, USA

“Fillum fills the need to be a platform for filmmakers to both own a new spotlight and bring their journey to the viewers.”