Surendra  25 Apr 2020
Of all the superheroes in the known universe, the one whose origin story basically doesn’t have to be repeated is Batman.

Literally, any working stiff with even a passing knowledge of comic books knows Batman’s origin, and it has been recreated on screen so many times, it’s basically become a running joke. It’s so overused, and yet integral to the myth of the character, that Todd Phillips even had to include the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne in his standalone Joker movie. So yeah, it’s been done to death (pun intended). Which is why Matt Reeves essentially is saying that he didn’t need his upcoming The Batman to redo Bruce Wayne’s origin story (thank the Lord), but he explain that the roots of that origin still will inform the story he’s telling with Robert Pattinson. Reeves opened up about his movie with Nerdist and explained: